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Ongoing and Previous Projects

On-going Projects               

West Africa Network for the Protection of Children (WAN) supported project on Children on the Move: In collaboration with Network members in 15 ECOWAS Countries, GPI supervises the return and reintegration of vulnerable children from Nigeria-South who are found anywhere in West Africa as well as the rescue and return to countries of origin of unaccompanied children of other West African Countries.

Duration: 3 years starting January 1, 2017


ECPAT France / EU supported PACKING  (Protection of migrants and Asylum seekers especially Children and women coming from Nigeria and victims of trafficKING) Project for the increased awareness of the true nature and risks of trafficking in human beings and irregular migration among children, young women, parents, community members and leaders in the 5 Local Government areas of Edo Central Senatorial district

Results so far (1st quarter):

  • Paid several advocacy visits to the Ministry of Education
  • Held a Skype meeting with ECPAT on project implementation
  • Held meetings of project implementation team members
  • Produced M and E tools
  • Produced visibility materials (Notebook, Handbook and Banners)
  • Held a Project Commencement Meeting
  • Held a Project Management Committee Meeting
  • Had training of trainers (193 students and 67 teachers) from the 71 schools in the five local governments

Duration: 2 years starting January 1, 2017   Grant Amount: 101,700.80 Euros


Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Nigeria Program / USAID supported Integrated Vulnerable Children and Household Improvement Project in Oredo LGA of Edo State. (Continuation of previous grant for one additional year).

Results so far (1st quarter):

2109 households and 6864 children are currently receiving services out of which:

  • 187 received psychosocial support
  • 384 were provided with health services.
  • 4 received protection services
  • 2 received education support
  • 33 received household economic strengthening services
  • 380 were provided nutrition services

Duration: 1 year starting October 1, 2016  Grant Amount: N39,185,706.35


Previous  Projects

French Embassy supported Awareness raising on trafficking among in-school children in Kubwa FCT.

Results: The Boards granted permission for the intervention and sent representatives to attend the opening ceremony. 21 students and 7 teachers from six schools were trained on peer education and the use of film screening for awareness raising on human trafficking. The trained students effectively made presentations at the step-down events that showed their full grasp of the knowledge they gained from the training. 342 students (238 females and 104 males) from 3 schools participated in 3 step down film screening sessions during the project period and 90 persons through peer-peer intervention were reached by the peer educators. An initial survey was done, pre and post texts were carried out during all activities and detailed activity report was produced

Dates: 15/05/2017 to 31/07/2017 Grant Amount: N2,000,000


International Swiss social Service (ISS) / West Africa Network for the Protection of children (WAN) supported project on Children on the Move:


212 children and young adults were supported by WAN Nigeria South (126 received [120 females and 6 males] 78 other nationals returned and 8 Nigerian children rescued locally).

A great number of families benefited from economic empowerment (all 126 returned children receive support either to return to school, learn a trade and/or set up businesses)

Some endemic communities of origin were sensitized on issues of children on the move

The project contributed to the placing of the issue of children on the move on the agenda nationally and sub-regionally.

Mobilized and built the capacities of 27 NGOs in 17 Southern States to better identify and support children on the move

Monitored 22 girls on behalf of NAPTIP

 Dates: 01/07/2012 to 31/12/2016. Grant Amount: 254930 Euros


 Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Nigeria Program / USAID supported Integrated Vulnerable Children and Household Improvement Project in Oredo LGA of Edo State.


The SMILE program is ongoing in eight communities in Oredo where 2300 vulnerable households and 7385 children have been enrolled.

Service provision was rendered to beneficiaries through step-down trainings of Fifty-three (53) community volunteers, meetings and trainings of caregivers.

There was capacity building of GPI Staff with training on HIV Prevention, Care, Support and Referral, Resource Mobilization and Proposal development training, Training on Strategic Plan and Gender based integration training,

GPI provided appropriate integrated VC services which includes Psychosocial Support (PSS), Child Protection, Shelter, Nutrition, Education, Household Economic Strengthening and Health care services to beneficiaries in Ebo, Utagban, Umegbe, Uholor, Evboudia, Amagba, Ugbor and Ogbe Communities.

  • Child protection services were rendered to 2555 children, (Male – 1292, Female – 1263)
  • 4421 children received psychosocial support.(Males: 2221, Females: 2200)
  • 6038 beneficiaries were provided with health services. (Males 3030, females 3008)
  • 875 Children were provided with Educational services (Males 452, Females 423)
  • 226 caregivers/households were provided with Economic Strengthening services (Males 14, Females 212)
  • 6108 beneficiaries were provided with Nutrition services. (Males 3107, Females 3001)

Mentoring and monitoring visits were carried out in the various communities

GPI Collaborated with various stakeholders for linkages Networks and partnership these include:

  • The National Population Commission’s support in provision of birth certificates for children
  • Community Improvement teams
  • Involvement of the LGA council in our training programs and subsequent invitations by them for us to be part of their functions
  • Membership and work with networks like the Child Protection Network and CiSHAN

Partnership with primary health facilities

Dates: 01/03/2013 to 30/09/2016 Grant Amount: 340,000 Euros


Edo State Agency for the control of HIV and AIDS (SACA) HAF 2

Support, Care and Protection to children orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS in three LGAs of Edo State

Results: GPI was one of 22 NGOs that implemented EDO SACA HAF2 project. Activities included Advocacy visits, community mapping, enrolment and provision of services to 1600 vulnerable children from over 300 households

Dates: June 2014 – April 2016 Grant Amount: N10,921,400


 United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) supported program for the awareness raising on trafficking in Persons and smuggling of Migrants, empowerment and reintegration of victims from Edo and Cross River States

The project raised awareness on human trafficking and irregular migration among students in 20 Secondary Schools in Ikpoba-Okha LGA

Dates: Feb 2015-Nov 2015 Grant Amount: N3,543,500  Amount Received: N1,194,800


 Belgium General Directorate Immigration Office supported trafficking prevention project for increased awareness of the true nature and risks of trafficking in human beings and irregular migration among children, young women, parents, community members and leaders in the 7 Local Government areas of Edo South Senatorial district


A functional broad based PMC that met monthly throughout and managed the project

1457 students were trained of which 1187 can give factual information and use films to raise awareness on trafficking and irregular migration. 1450 traders made of 110 men, 1105 women, 140 boys and 95 girls from rural markets in 4 LGAs were reached. 178 community members and leaders from 3 LGAs were reached in 3 town hall meetings. Radio jingles and drama based on true life experiences of victims and factual information on the issues of THB and Irregular migration aired in KU FM Radio weekly for 6 months. A 3 round debate competition among 8 schools from 7LGAs was held and aired on Radio weekly for 3 months. Visibility of clear messages on THB and Irregular migration was increased and more people are able speak factually about the issues as our outreach materials reached a very wide audience

Dates: 01/02/2015 to 30/09/2015. Donor Grant: 49,785 Euros


French Embassy (Social Development Fund)  supported human trafficking prevention project among school children in the six rural local government areas of Edo North Senatorial district in Edo State


200 School children and 100 teachers in the 6 local government areas learnt factual information on trafficking, illegal migration, and how to say NO to traffickers by viewing films of victims. They learnt how to screen films, share the information with others and increase awareness among their peers. The trained students and teachers screened the films in 80 of the 109 government owned schools in the Edo North district reaching over 7000 students directly and over 11000 through peer education activities. An NGO was supported to continue the film screening after the project ended 24 most at risk students received education support to remain in school.

Dates: 01/06/2014 to 30/12/15 Grant Amount: 48386 Euros


Ford Foundation supported  project “Scaling up Adolescent Girls’ Rights to Socio-economic Advancement and SRH Education in South-South Nigeria”.

Sustenance of GPI centre activities, School’s outreach programs, advocacy for policy reforms, community advocacy for gender equality and support for girls and women

Dates: 2012-2014  Edo State activities budget: N13,838,000


Foundation for A Just Society (FJS) supported project on Rural Awareness Raising in Edo North Senatorial District on issues of Human Trafficking

In 2012, School children in Owan East local government viewed recorded videos of victims. They learnt to say no to traffickers and shared the information with others who successfully said no to traffickers and increased general awareness on TIP. In 2013, the intervention was scaled up to cover 3 additional LGAs in Edo North and 1 LGA in Delta State

Dates: 2012-2014  Grant Amount: N13,393,430


OXFAM-NOVIB NETHERLANDS/ United Nations Trust Fund to end Violence against women – Pop Culture With a Purpose (PCwaP)

GPI in partnership with Baobab and Association of Positive Youths in Nigeria (APYIN) used entertainment education to increase awareness and reduce incidence of HIV/AIDS and gender based violence in Edo, Lagos and FCT.

Dates: 2012-2014  Grant Amount: N25,030,196


OXFAM-NOVIB NETHERLANDS supported project on Girls education and implementation of Family Life and HIV Education in schools

Results: Advocacy for the implementation of Family life and HIV Education (FLHE) resulted in the House of Assembly Resolution on it, following which FLHE is now being taught in Edo State owned Junior Secondary Schools and examinable through the carrier subjects.  GPI trained 404 teachers and distributed1200 copies of schemes of work. An average of 2,000 viewers watched our tv programs weekly making a total of over 300,000 viewers in 3 years.

10 communities were reached through the video watch on prevalent issues like human trafficking, HIV, AIDS and VAW

Dates: 2010-2012    Grant Amount: N42,181,600



Universal Access to Female Condom Project

The Nigeria version of the female condom branded ‘Elegance’ was introduced as a tool for the prevention of unintended pregnancy, prevention and protection against STIs including HIV, and for more pleasurable sex. Despite all its advantages the uptake of the product is slower than expected.

GPI is part of the Universal access to female condom project with specific responsibility for increasing awareness and usage among community members. During the period the Edo Team made remarkable progress and overshot the target allocated by 38% through effective advocacy to various stake holders and leaders of communities, meetings with various groups, education and trainings for interest groups including sales promoters and interpersonal communication conductors, sensitization exercises for NGOs, CBOs, Religious leaders, union leaders, undergraduate students, patent medicine practitioners, various communities and their organs, Production and distribution of IEC and behavioral change materials, Media and publicity campaigns.

Dates: 2010-2012    Grant Amount: N11,568,772.85



HIV/AIDS/STIs and Sexual and Reproductive Health and TB Services Project in communities in Orhionmwon Local Government Area.

  • Structures for management and sustainability of the HAST initiatives were put in place.
  • 41 CVs and 84 PEs were trained, 2020 OVC were registered and reached with services:
  • increased uptake of services including HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) in the PHCs
  • TB suspects were referred for diagnosis.
  • The Early Child Care Development Centre was equipped in General Hospital, Abudu.
  • 30 youths were empowered with life building skills and Capacity building for CBO staff, community and LGA representatives.

 Dates: 2010-2011 (22 months)  Grant Amount: N32,180,036.51


Edo State world bank HIV/AIDS funds (HAF) supported HIV/AIDS INTERVENTION PROJECT

GPI Benin was among the 28 CSOs who benefited from the Edo State World Bank HIV/AIDS funds (HAF) on February 13th 2006. The overall goal of the project titled “Girl power initiative (GPI) HIV intervention project” was to reduce the spread and mitigate the impact of HIV infection on adolescents in urban and rural areas in Edo state where GPI had outreach programmes with particular focus on stigma and discrimination reduction. The activities executed under the project were: –

-Training of HIV 19 counsellors.

-Equipping of youth friendly voluntary confidential counseling and referral centre.

-Production of behavioral change and communication materials (3000 posters, 5000 handbills and 10,000 badges).

-Campaign visits to 22 urban and rural locations where GPI has outreach schools to give talks and show films on HIV related issues.

-Quiz competition attended by 93 participants from 8 schools to mark World AIDS Day.

Dates: 2006-2007 (15 months) Grant Amount: N1,800,000






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