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French Embassy supported Awareness raising on trafficking among in-school children in Kubwa FCT.

Results: The Boards granted permission for the intervention and sent representatives to attend the opening ceremony. 21 students and 7 teachers from six schools were trained on peer education and the use of film screening for awareness raising on human trafficking. The trained students effectively made presentations at the step-down events that showed their full grasp of the knowledge they gained from the training. 342 students (238 females and 104 males) from 3 schools participated in 3 step down film screening sessions during the project period and 90 persons through peer-peer intervention were reached by the peer educators. An initial survey was done, pre and post texts were carried out during all activities and detailed activity report was produced

Dates: 15/05/2017 to 31/07/2017 Grant Amount: N2,000,000

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