Programme Areas

The program focus/scope of GPI aligns with priorities in the external environment based on findings of situation analysis of issues of girls and young females as well as experience of GPI working in the areas of empowerment of girls and young persons in Nigeria in the last 20 years.

These programme areas align with international, national, state and community priorities and the search for comprehensive response that holistically and strategically address the issues that have been identified. Such included inadequate access of girls and young females to quality education, physical and sexual violence against girls and young females with attendant consequences, high cases of trafficking of young females and girls, and vulnerability of girls and young females to sexual and reproductive health problems (STIs, HIV&AIDS, unwanted pregnancy).

Others are inadequate facilities and infrastructure to support the development and empowerment of girls and young females, female genital mutilation, inadequate access to ASRH services, violation of rights of girls and young females, gender discrimination, poverty due to lack of entrepreneurial skills and access to livelihood opportunities, inadequate self management skills and low status of girls and young females. This situation is traced to very limited political will at all levels of decision making to address issues affecting girls and young females, patriarchal values and gender stereotypes, harmful practices against girls and young females, community apathy and neglect of girls and young females and lack of supportive environment especially at the community level. Summarised below is the core programme and service delivery areas and their components

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