Our Mission, Vision & Values


To empower children and young females with accurate information and skills from a gender perspective for social action


A sustainable feminist institution leading transformation of patriarchal values in Nigeria


  1. Team work – We are committed to harnessing internal and external resources and expertise and capacity for better outcomes of our interventions in achieving our mission
  1. Passion – We bring and channel our feelings, emotion and zeal to the work that we do knowing that we are dealing with issues and expecting changes on issues that affect the psyche of our target audience
  1. Upholding Feminist Ideology– We being to our work knowledge, attitude, behavior and practicesthat reflect and promote equality and social justice
  1. Equal opportunities for all – We are committed to practices and interventions that are non discriminatory and promote the social development of girls and young females regardless of residence, social and economic background.
  1. Integrity – We are committed to demonstrating high level of honesty, accountability, truthfulness, honour, reliability, uprightness through consistency of actions and operations. We will let our words be our bound under any circumstance.
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